• Skirt in the winter

    Last winter I wrote a blog post about how to layer up and beat the cold weather (see it here). This year I decided  to write a post on how to wear skirts during winter. I came up with a few ideas to ... Read More

    Skirt in the winter
  • Love me some overalls

    Did you know that overalls were created in the 1700s? They were reserved for the working man and were considered a symbol of low class. Since I was a kid I always loved overalls but it wasn't until ... Read More

    Love me some overalls
  • If I were a boy

    Women, remember that time in your life when you wished you could be a boy?  For most of my childhood, I had to wear skirts to school and I HATED it. All I could think of is what if I was a boy and ... Read More

    If I were a boy